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ISPIM Innovation Conference and Digital Health Talks

17 June 2018

Innovation DB will present on the topic of innovation in digital health. We will be looking at ways in which digital health devices and applications and approaches enabled by connected living, in its various forms, improve the patient pathway.… more

Creating Value from Innovation in Your Supply Chain

02 July 2018

All major corporations are struggling with the need to innovate within their supply chains, both in response to heat of international competition and the growth in regulation driven by government (and consumer) interest in reducing waste and related environmental impact.

This event will look at supply chain innovation, with a focus on waste reduction, and take the view that it is only when technological innovation is married to supply chain innovation that significant progress becomes possible.


Pharma Integrates 2017

15 November 2017

Pharma Integrates attracts in excess of 80 prestigious speakers and 325 senior industry executives, a top-tier programme of interviews and interactive debate led panel discussions focusing on the strategic issues facing the drug manufacturing sector, playing a vital role in shaping pharma’s future.… more


Graphene - Market Overview

This 35 page report gives an overview of the current state of technology development and applications of graphene, the world’s new wonder material. With a look at key players in R&D, manufacture and applications. 


Plastic Electronics Report

The next in our series of market reports covers the state of the plastic electronics sector. With a look at key players in R&D, manufacture and applications.


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