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Innovation DB is the world’s leading database of innovative technologies developed by academic and private commercial research laboratories working in all fields of science and technology. The database gives manufacturers, R&D departments, venture capitalists, and private equity funds an invaluable tool with which to find relevant technologies, exciting opportunities, and perfect-match innovation partners.

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Events on Innovation

We run a year-round programme of events related to innovation across a spectrum of topics of interest to leaders in enterprise and research alike.

Innovation Masterclass: Fostering Internal Innovation

London, 5 October 2018

This year’s annual Innovation Masterclass will focus on fostering internal innovation – building the culture of innovation within your organisation and supporting it with programmes and structures to bring tangible results.
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Creating Value from Innovation in Your Supply Chain

London, 2 July 2018

This event will look at supply chain innovation, with a focus on waste reduction, and take the view that it is only when technological innovation is married to supply chain innovation that significant progress becomes possible…
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ISPIM Innovation Conference and Digital Health Talks

Stockholm, 17-20 June 2018

Innovation DB will present on the topic of innovation in digital health. We will be looking at ways in which digital health devices and applications and approaches enabled by connected living, in its various forms, improve the patient pathway…
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Read Our Insightful Reports

We publish a host of in-depth reports on innovation-driven markets and sectors. And as a subscriber to Innovation DB they’re all yours to read.
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Digital Healthcare Report

This whitepaper looks at three distinct areas of digital healthcare and investigates the benefits and challenges these technologies present to the wider medical industry.
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Graphene: Wonder Material of the 21st Century

This 68-page report includes an overview of graphene developments with examples of application, investability, and forecasts in 2-, 5-, and 10-year timeframes.
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Imaging for the Future

We look at the imaging market in surveillance, retail, and transport, and investigate data processing techniques, case studies, and future developments and applications.
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Plastic Electronics Report

The next in our series of market reports covers the state of the plastic electronics sector (53 pages). With a look at key players in R&D, manufacture, and applications.
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Alongside our unique database of innovative technologies, Innovation DB hosts a vibrant community where you can engage with peers in research and development as well as connect with collaborative partners amongst scores of global corporations, thousands of SMEs, and hundreds of universities.

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